Refueling At OrMorFour

Ships and nurnies by Thor Danielsen aka originalmoron.


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I also made a short tutorial ->

Software Used: Vue

The first important thing I considered in my scene was the atmosphere. I started with a plain, fair weather spectral atmosphere with radiosity. Then I changed the settings as follows for the lighting, the clouds and sky settings (Fig.01 – Fig.03).


I set the z camera position at a value of 370m. The whole scene was situated above the clouds. The result was quite interesting and I didn’t know at this stage of the conception what kind of objects I would like to add to populate my scene. I had downloaded many weeks ago some of the beautiful models created by Thor Danielsen aka originalmoron. I first put his model of a landing platform just above the camera. After some attempts with different positions of the sun, and different textures, the result was quite interesting (Fig.04).


I used some boolean modeling for the buildings on the right, and also some of the beautiful “nurnies” provided as free objects on Thor’s website (Fig.05).


To complete my scene, I decided to use some other models created by originalmoron. I used his two ships: The “Heimdal” and the “Evo” (Fig.06).


All this stuff was then added into the scene. Finding the right position for all the objects was a long “try and reject” process! Finally, the “roll” parameter for the camera was set to 354 degrees to increase the sense of floating. Some details, for example the small characters, were visually important because they help the eyes and the brain of the spectator when evaluating the relative size of the objects. They increase the sense of depth in the whole picture (Fig.07 & Fig.08).

Fig.07                                                                                   Fig.08

And here’s the final wireframe and image (Fig.09 & Fig.10).


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