Milvus Milvus

Quelques images prises lors d’un voyage au pays de Galles. Le nourrissage du milan royal a permis de décupler le nombre des couples de ce superbe animal en quelques années.

Cela permet de capter quelques belles images par la même occasion 🙂

The Red Kite Feeding Station is located in the village of Llanddeusant at the western edge of the Brecon Beacons National Park in Carmarthenshire, Wales.
As natural scavengers Red Kites benefit from the food provided and the way in which it is made available in limited quantities.

There is no doubt that this regular feeding has helped the Red Kite breeding population maintain it’s stronghold in the Llanddeusant and surrounding area and, indeed, increase its numbers. In Wales 20 years ago there were less than 30 breeding pairs of Kites but now, with careful management and protection, there are now well over 300 pairs !

Red Kites Feeding Station